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Have you ever wondered where your bus is while waiting in freezing weather or pelting rain?

The Ride on Time App helps you solve this problem on your own! Simply create a bus route with your fellow bus riders and let the app do the rest...

Your days of waiting anxiously for the bus and rushing to catch it are over! Download the free app now for Android or iOS!



Track the movement of your bus on a map

Receive notifications before the bus arrives to your stop

Create a new bus route while riding on the bus

Easily join an existing route

Add and name bus stops interactively

Chat with fellow bus riders(Coming soon)


registered users!

Hey students! Join this innovative movement to track your bus.

How It Works

S e t u p

Download the app and log in

Find your school and bus number from the dropdown list

Add your school or bus number if they don't exist

R e c o r d

Start recording your routes while on the bus

Name the stops found along your route

Save and share the route with your fellow bus riders

E n j o y

Now, you and your fellow bus riders can ...

track your bus's location

receive reminders before the bus arrives

communicate with each other


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Our Blog

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How it started?

In the beginning of November, I heard about a bus tracker device for the Massachusetts Bay In November 2017, I heard about a bus tracker device for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, a public transportation option in our area, and I wondered why our school buses did not have a similar application...

Edited by Keena Gao, 08/10/18

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Ukraine Trip

As I talked to my family, the only viable option we had was to meet with the developers in person. Two weeks later, I was on a plane to Ukraine trying to calm my nerves...

Edited by John Gao, 08/10/18

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Wicked Local Article

Read about the Ride on Time Tech story from the local newspaper!

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Explore our innovative peer to peer app!

By using peer to peer tracking, students can communicate with one another and track the location of their bus as it moves along their route. We are not bound by the limits of a centralized server, the scarcity of funding from schools, or the overwhelming amount of data of the different bus routes from various schools.

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About us


Keena Gao, Co-Founder

Keena is currently a junior in Lexington High School. In her free time, Keena enjoys running on the track team and getting coffee with friends. She is passionate about Ride on Time Tech's purpose because she is a student who knows just as well as other students from New England how miserable frigid winters are. In the future, she wishes to expand Ride on Time to a larger community of students everywhere.

John Gao, Co-Founder

John is currently a senior at Lexington High School. In his spare time, he teaches programming to kids and enjoys reading manga and playing video games with friends. He utilizes his passion of computer science and technology to oversee Ride on Time's development. John is an engaged member of LHS and hopes to use Ride on Time to promote high school entrepreneurship.


Why can’t I join my route?

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You can only join the route during the time when your bus normally runs. To join, you must record a section of your route so that we can confirm you are a member of that bus route. If your route does not overlap the existing bus route at all, please check to make sure you have the correct bus number and school name.

Is Ride On Time Tech safe to use?

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Yes! We make sure that users with access to your route are part of your bus route by checking their recorded sections with the route when they join the previously recorded route. Since our app is a peer to peer system, we give users the ability to edit their routes and name their stops. If you see any malicious behavior or anything that violates the community of Ride on Time please send us an email at and report it by shaking your phone to send a bug report.

Why is my ETA not available?

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Our app relies on peer to peer communication so if you are the first person to get on your bus or if others ahead of you are not using the app, you will not receive ETA before you get on the bus. However, you can still view the bus as it moves along the route, set reminders for stops on the route and communicate the location of the bus to others on the route! Encourage your friends ahead of you on the route to download the app so you can receive ETA for your stop!

Can I change the bus number or school of my existing route?

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No, the name and bus number of your route are set, but you can edit segments of the route, if you feel that it does not reflect the route. We strongly encourage the creation of a new route if you believe you are a part of the wrong bus.

How do I change to edit mode?

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You can swipe right to left on any of your routes in the My Routes main page to see the option to either edit or delete your route, or you can click on the edit icon/words next to your bus's name and number during your route.

What can I do in edit mode?

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Click the upper right icon of the pencil to move into edit mode. You can press re-record if you wish to change a segment or part of your route. These changes are made to the shared route so please be careful with the segments you record.

Why can’t I see the bus on the first day?

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You need to first record your route so we can check that you are on the correct bus and give you access to membership.

How do I set my reminders?

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Go to the settings section to set reminders for your stops. Click the underlined time to customize when you are alerted before the stop.

Why do I need to record my route on the first day?

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We are a student run database meaning students are the ones who make the routes and control them or edit them. We want to make sure routes are accurate, up to date and include as many stops as possible. We also want to confirm you are on the correct bus route before we give you access to that routes ridership group.

How do I save stops?

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You save stops by naming them while you are recording. For instance, if you are creating a route, you will see potential stops that appear like a gray button on your route and can name them while you are passing them. This allows you to personalize your saved stops and eventually set reminders for them in the settings section.

Why do I need to enter my school name and bus number?

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We need this information to help others join your route and distinguish it from others. Make sure you’ve entered this information correctly so other people can join your route.

How much data does the app use?

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Our app uses very minimal data! We only use your cellular data to send information to the server and deliver other people's information to you. For comparison, we tested everyday for a month and only used a few mb of data.